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A Property Worth Considering

August 09, 2017 | 360 Realtors

A Property Worth Considering

‘Innovative, State-of-the-art, and a specimen of fine craftsmanship’ is how Pharande Spaces have introduced their ambitious new project, Pharande Puneville. In their own words; “This project has the sole objective of delivering homes that would be environment-friendly and would cater to every need of our customers. It aims to usher in a new standard of luxury into Pune.”

Puneville is an amalgamation of two iconic entities in real estate creation – Pharande Spaces, one of the most dynamic groups of construction companies in PCMC (Pimpri - Chinchwad Muncipal Corporation) and Aedas, the world’s second largest firm of architects.

Pre-certified by GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) with a 4-star rating, one will be astounded with the array of green features and benefits the project has to offer. The focus on providing the best safety plus world-class water and electricity conservation features can be seen quite clearly when looking at the construction.

Fire-safety: High-rise buildings often face the threat fire, due to which developers at Pharande Puneville Pune have implemented American and European codes of safety while completely adhering to all Indian statutory norms to deliver the most stable solutions. The final configuration was arrived at after going through several hydraulic models and computer aided simulations, offering impeccable safety from fire hazards.


  • The toilets are designed to be easily accessible for preventive or even corrective maintenance without any breakage. 
  • Drainage piping offers excellent acoustic performance ensuring comfort of the residents. 
  • The water seals are protected with aerator fittings and the drainage piping allows more water inflow due to connection of waste lines which in turn allows high self-cleansing of drain lines and avoids blockage which is a common issue in most townships. 
  • In addition, the water lines maintain adequate pressure for efficient distribution of solar heated water.

Electrical: An array of measures for electricity conservations have been implemented in the property, such as –

  • Use of Low wattage LED , CFL , T-5 Fixtures
  • Common area lighting control with Timer Logic.
  • Use of V3F Drives for Elevators.
  • Highly efficient motors with V3F drive for Plumbing services.
  • Solar water heating system
  • Capacitors for common areas utilities such as lifts, pumps, etc.
  • Additionally an FAS system along with smoke detectors in each room and common lobby area are provided for additional safety.

But more importantly, the 4-star GRIHA certification ensures various benefits for the consumers, including:

  • 5% - 10% saving on property tax
  • Savings of up to Rs. 70,000/- per month on energy costs with the installation of Solar PV system with capacity 100kW.
  • 100% LED outdoor and common indoor lighting. In addition, timer based on-off controls for outdoor lighting to ensure energy savings by 10-15%.
  • Rs. 8000/- per year saved on water heating with provisions of solar water heating system for each flat catering to a demand of 25 litres per.
  • Reduction in running costs of energy consumption by 10% with provisions of energy efficient pumps, transformers, and motors. 
  • Low flow water fixtures and dual flushing system for entire water fixtures in the project, which will consume 50% less water as compared to a conventional project.
  • Property tax rebate to each tenant of 5 to 10%.
  • Tobacco-free common areas.
  • Waste segregation facility at source. Tenants will be able to recover manure generated from the waste.

The location of Pharande Puneville Punawale is also a major plus, as Punawale has emerged as one of the fastest-growing locations in Pune. The area takes pride in its unmatched connectivity and proximity to the Hinjawadi IT hub. The reason behind choosing this location is to makes sure that its inhabitants commute less and can enjoy their life more!

In the end, for an average Indian buyer, a property is worth consideration is it helps them improve their lifestyle, if it allows them to fulfil their desires, if it will be a good long term investment and most importantly, if it allows them to build a stable future for themselves & their loved ones. Pharande Puneville Punawale Pune is one of the few residential developments which aim to fulfil these hopes and aspirations, & is a project which should be given a second glance!

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